Lot 126FLIES: Rare collection of authenticated historic American Flies...

Auction Date: 21/11/2015 at 10:30 am



FLIES: Rare collection of authenticated historic American Flies, presented to T D Overfield by Carl Otto von Kienbush, New York 1972, being 6 trout flies displayed in Plexiglas boxes over handwritten cards.Rat faced McDougal Devised and tied by Percy Jennings, Dark Hendrickson tied by Preston Jennings 1893-1962, author of A Book of Trout Flies 1935. White Wulff, Tied by lee Wulff, USA, author of The Atlantic Salmon. House and Lot, Tied by The late President Eisenhower, President of the United States, Quill Gordon, Ties by Theodore Gordon , 1854-1915, the Father of Dry Fly Fishing in the USA, Flying Ant, tied by E R Hewitt, USA, author of Secrets of the Salmon 1936 & Telling on the trout 1926, Pink lady, Tied by George La Branche, USA, author of The Dry Fly and fast Water, 1914 & Mottled Drake, tied by Louis Rhead, author of American trout stream Insects, 1916, all on pine wood wall mount 29” x6”.

Hammer Price: £580.00

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