Lot 578Extremely rare “Claude Johnson’s Patent” adjustable weight brassie...

Auction Date: 5/11/2015 at 10:30 am



Extremely rare “Claude Johnson’s Patent” adjustable weight brassie with removable head (made by A Teen & Co London) c1893 - the crown is inlaid with the makers removable brass plate inscribed “Claude Johnson’s Patent - No. 400 Pattern B” – c/w full leather face, full brass convex sole plate and fitted with small brass hosel and hickory shaft stamped W H Sykes 15 Regent Street London below the original fine full-length thick hide grip with under listing. Note brass disk on top of the head can be unscrewed and weight removed or added. See Jeff Ellis Catalogue Sale lot 574 which a similar sold for $5000 which states that there are only 4/5 known examples – also see “The Club makers Art” page 389/90 - which states that the mark “400 Pattern B” is the production number of that particular club. If the golfer broke the head wanted a duplicate he or she needed only to refer to the production number which can then be sent to the maker who would be able to supply an exact duplicate as to the weight and lie

Hammer Price: £1400.00

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