Lot 503Collection of early carton packets of golf tees...

Auction Date: 5/11/2015 at 10:30 am



Collection of early carton packets of golf tees to incl 12x A Macduff Glasgow “Woodies” assorted wooden colour tees in the makers original box containing 8x original tees together with 4 others, Shell Brand “CARROT” shape hardwood golf tees in the original makers box complete with 12 original “carrot”, together with “Evening Dispatch” pocket card with flap which reveals a Golf Score card label and 4 original “Evening Dispatch” tees and cotton bag stamped “72 Wooden Tees, British Made retailed by Bryce’s Golf Shop, 1 Spittal Street, Edinburgh” containing numerous tees including both wooden and some plastic and another small leather wallet containing 40 embossed on the front “Tees Turn Stands into Distance” (5)

Hammer Price: £120.00

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