Lot 540Indian Original Artwork Syed Haider Raza (born 22...

Auction Date: 20/10/2015 at 10:30 am



Indian Original Artwork Syed Haider Raza (born 22 February 1922) important abstract in acrylic on board, signed ‘Raza ‘89’ to central bottom, framed, image size approx 29x29cm. A work dating from the later and perhaps most significant period of Raza’s output, following his increasing unhappiness with his work in the 1970s. As a result he sought a new direction and deeper authenticity in his work and move away from what, by that time he viewed as ‘plastic art’. In this he was aided by visits to India, and especially to the caves of Ajant-Ellora, as well as Benares, Gujarat and Rajasthan. This made him realise the need to study Indian culture more closely and this resulted in what he described as ‘Bindu’ (a point or source of energy). This took him back to a memory of when he was in primary school and a teacher who on finding him lacking adequate concentration, drew a dot on the blackboard and asked him to concentrate on it. This signified his re-birth as an artist and from 1980 onwards his work signified his new found Indian vision and Indian ethnography, incorporating themes which bolstered Indian concepts of space and time as well as that of 'prakriti-purusha' (the female and the male energy), his transformation from an expressionist to a master of abstraction and profundity, was complete.

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