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India Mahatma Gandhi early depiction of Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa as Satyagrahi circa early 20th century, inscribed to the reverse "Mahatma Gandhi as a Satyagrahi in South Africa". It is during the 21 years he spent in South Africa, from 1893 to 1914, broken by a few visits to India and England, that this timid young man who had just passed the bar examination became the man who would lead India to its independence and instigate the world movement of decolonization. Measures 22cm x 12.5cm, in very good condition. Note: A satyagrahi is a person who has dedicated him or herself to truth or more specifically one who offers or participates in a campaign. The requirements Gandhi laid down for his satyagrahis include: He or she has a firm commitment to nonviolence, simplicity, honesty and self-discipline in thought, word, and deed. He or she is always ready to forgo material comforts for the greater good of all beings, relying always on soul-force when it is necessary to resist another’s behaviour. An early and scarce photograph of the father of the nation.

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