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East India Company Commission Document 1853 appointing Henry Macfarlane Norris to be a Lieutenant in the Army under the Presidency of Bengal. Fine black printing with Red Wax Seal Coat of Arms, also manuscript annotations and signatures on vellum. Size 40 x 25cm. Note: Henry Macfarlane Norris served through the Indian Munity of 1856-58 later rose to rank of Lt. Colonel by 1865. This is of particular interest having the signature of “Sir William Maynard Gomm” 1784-1875. A character straight out of Boys Own Adventure. He joined the 9th Foot as Lieutenant at the age of 10 years. Only aged 15 fought in the Netherlands Campaign under the Duke of York. Was on John Moore’s staff at the Battle of Corunna. In 1810 he re-joined the Peninsular army as Leith’s staff officer, took part in all the battles of 1810, 1811 and 1812, winning his majority after the Battle of Fuenres de Onoro and his lieutenant-colonelcy at Salamanca. His careful reconnaissance’s and skilful leading were invaluable to Wellington in the Vittoria campaign, and to the end of the war he was one of the most trusted men of his staff. In the Waterloo campaign he served on the staff of the 5th British Division. Was appointed Commander-in-Chief of India from 1850 to 1855. Became Field Marshal in 1868

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