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WWII Adolf Hitler excessively rare Transcript of Speech being the transcript of Hitler's speech to the Reichstag on January 1st 1945. Cyclostyled on five pp folio with official access stamp of the Hitler's Office to base. Hitler usually gave his speeches from scribbled notes, so this is most likely a contemporaneous transcript for archival purposes, though it is claimed that these pages were read by Hitler personally and approved - which is quite possible. The signature across the official stamp is not clear, but it is most probably that of an official at the Chancellery. As such this is an excessively rare document coming from a period when most of the Third Reich hierarchy must have known that the end could not be too far away. The Allies were now well established in mainland Europe and were closing in from the West. Hitler nevertheless remained defiant, as can be gauged from the nature of this speech: 'Only the turn of the year initiate me to speak to you. The tide of events and especially what had happen on 20 July (Valkyrie assassination) forced me to attend my power to my sole mission, the fate of the German nation. Even when the enemy predicted the break down, we turned everything and we owe that those countless victims of our nation, their work and their service at the front lines what they did for our fatherland. ....as I declared on 1.9.1939, that no one can defeat Germany, neither by force of arms, nor by time. ....long before, they all planned to break down Germany. Long before the war, the British media was lying and they also said that Germany will defeat himself by revolution within 7 or 8 days....they predicted that we lose the war

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