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Auction Date: 20/10/2015 at 10:30 am



WWII Nietzsche Collected Works Part 1 Book with a personal note and signature from Adolf Hitler ‘Friedrich Nietzsche Gesammelte Werke Band 1’, the note reads’ To Prof. Troost, best hearty wishes for Christmas 1936 in deep admiration and friendship A Hitler’, this is together with a hand signed typed letter from Professor Gerdy Troost, to Dr Picker in whom she gave the book and explained she had been given the book for Christmas as a parting gift by Adolf Hitler, a truly rare and example and in very good, clean condition, Fredreich Nietzsche’s idea of Übermensch ‘over-human’ or ‘higher human’ was an idea used by Nazis to label the Germanic ‘Aryan’ people which Nazis considered racially and culturally superior. The ‘master race’. Note: Prof. Gerdy Troost was a German Architect and an architectural adviser to Hitler's circle up to the end of the war. In 1943 she received from Hitler an endowment of 100,000 Reichsmarks.

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