Lot 792Collection of 1970s “Overseas Tourists” vs Welsh clubs...

Auction Date: 30/09/2015 at 10:30 am



Collection of 1970s “Overseas Tourists” vs Welsh clubs rugby programmes to incl including South Africa vs Newport ‘79, vs Swansea ‘69, Australia vs Swansea ‘73, New Zealand vs Newport ‘73, Tonga vs North Wales ‘74 vs Newport ‘74, Barbarians vs New Zealand ‘73 and ‘78 and vs Australia ‘76 and ’84, Australia vs Llanelli ‘75 and vs Gwent ‘76, North Wales vs Romania ‘79 and North Wales XV vs International Overseas XV ‘80 together with “The Barry John Book of Rugby” 1st ed 1972, 1978/79 Welsh Brewers Rugby Annual “Special Triple Triple Crown and Grand Slam” edition and 4x other Welsh club games including Aberavon, Moseley and Llanelli overall (G) (19)

Hammer Price: £10.00

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