Lot 206Doctor Who Give-a-Show Projector (1965) by Chad Valley...

Auction Date: 21/10/2014 at 10:30 am



Doctor Who Give-a-Show Projector (1965) by Chad Valley: very rare collector's item - battery-powered projector and 16 slide-strips in the original box. The stories feature the Doctor, Ian and Barbara. The numbering reflects the total range of Chad Valley slides and these were the only Doctor Who related slides available. TITLES: 137: Dr Who in “Lilliput” 138: The Daleks Destroy the Zomites 139: Dr Who on the Aqua Planet 140: Dr Who in the Spiders Web 141: Dr Who meets the Warermen 142: The Defeat of the Daleks 143: The Secrets of TARDIS 144: The Daleks are Foiled 145: Dr Who and the Nerve Machine (Daleks) 146: The Ice-Age Monster 147: Rescued from the Daleks 148: Escape from the Aquafien 149: Where Diamonds are Worthless 150: The Prehistoric Monster 151: On the Planet Vortis 152: The Zarbi are Destroyed. Some of the slides are slightly bent, but still viewable and the box shows some signs of wear, due to the age.

Hammer Price: £95.00

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