Lot 551965 Whittle craft Stirling Moss Rally Board Game...

Auction Date: 21/10/2014 at 10:30 am



1965 Whittle craft Stirling Moss Rally Board Game: Stirling Moss Rally sees 2 to 6 players race along a hazard strewn course, across snow and ice, through rocky canyons, and across arid deserts. Players can buy equipment to help them through certain terrain (ice tires, sand ladders, improved shocks, spare fuel), although often players will find themselves breaking down and having to walk to the nearest repair shop. Play is controlled by 3 dice, fast (1-6), slow (1-3), and a traffic light control (red/green) - different spaces have different hazards depending upon your speed and equipment. The accompanying rule book is comprehensive, also including a route guide with a detailed breakdown of each hazard space.

Hammer Price: £35.00

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