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India – Fine Miniature portrait of Tipu Sultan of Mysore 1840. A finely executed watercolour of the great Tipu Sultan circa 1840-1850 oval mount, 9.5cm by 7 cm, framed. Tipu Sultan was a farsighted person who could foresee East India Company’s design to get entrenched in India. He therefore negotiated with the French for help and also sought assistance from the Amir of Afghanistan and the Sultan of Turkey. The British were scared of Tipu’s growing strength and after their defeat in 1783 they formed an alliance with the Nizam of Hyderabad and Marhattas. As long as the British fought alone Tipu always defeated them. But he could not overcome their diplomacy conspiracy and intrigue. Thus he was defeated in his capital Seringapatam and was forced to sign a humiliating treaty on March 22 1792. As a result he had to concede half of his kingdom and pay an indemnity of 33 million rupees to the British and their allies. The alliance between the adversaries was soon broken and in 1795 the British after defeating the Nizam once again turned their attention towards Mysore. After the treaty at Seringapatam Tipu Sultan did not waste his time and made extensive preparations against the British. He had rebuilt his war machine in the shortest possible time with the help of the French. The British regarded it as a violation of the treaty and led to the start of the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in 1798 with the help of the Nizam. The French were unable to provide the needed support to Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan retreated to his capital and continued fighting till he breathed his last in May 1799. Tipu Sultan is buried at a mausoleum that he himself had built. An important piece of Indian History.

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