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India – Highly Important document on the state of partition 1950 – Interception Report written by Hirachand Karamchand, Editor of ‘The Hindustan Sindhi Daily, of Bombay, dated May 29th 1950, written in ink in a legible hand on a pre-printed report form marked ‘Secret’, 2pp folio. A highly important historical document on the on-going tensions during the transitional years following partition. ‘....The Sind Hind Seve Samiti: the tension has somewhat eased but there is no change of heart whatever. The Hindu minority continue to remain socially out castes. Politically without rights and financially ruined, said a retired Hindu Gazetted Office who arrived here along with 149 refugees from Karachi by SS Sabermati…this officer has sent his ailing wife for treatment to Bombay. If he had sent the patient to any other country the authorities in Pakistan would have thought nothing of it, but because he has sent her to India his property was declared evacuee, his house turned over and allotted to a Muslim refugee and he himself was forced to retire, though being 49 years old he could still serve for a minimum period of six years…

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