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India – A highly important secret document regarding the pistol used to assassinate Gandhi – highly important typed document marked in pencil ‘Personal & Secret’ and dated Poona, 13th March 1948 (some six weeks after Gandhi’s Assassination) headed ‘D.I.G.P., C.I.D’, and with the initials ‘D.C.P.’ and ‘S.B.’ to base. One a single page of folio paper, a little browned but clearly legible. The document discusses the whereabouts of the revolver used to assassinate Gandhi : ‘…witness kale, to whom the revolver of Gopal Godse finally reached, has been left behind in Poona. He has made a statement to that effect…’ The document continues to discuss other witnesses whose names were to be given to Dy S.P. Deulkar, and mentioning that they were under detention, and mentioning another witness by name and saying that his statement is to be recorded under section 164 C.P.C. This document was part of the police investigation which followed the assassination and is possibly the only such document now in private hands. It was discovered by the present vendor’s grandfather, a former Chief Justice of the State of Karnataka ‘…when on one of his visits to Bombay he found a lot of very old government documents in a gunny bag being discarded and he being the kind that loved to read history he bought them. On further investigation of the documents he discovered a secret document that discussed the pistol that was used in the assassination of Gandhi.’ Gopal Godse, the brother of Nathuram Godse was sentenced to 30 years in prison. It is said that the most mysterious element in the whole episode of Gandhi’s assassination was the pistol that was used, and documents relating to it were never released to the public at the time. Note: because of the important nature of the text of this document we are only releasing images of part of it.

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