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India – Maharajah Ranjit Singh the manuscript notebook of Colin Robertson Larkins, listed as an Ensign in the 20th Bengal Regiment in 1839, part of the East India Company’s Bengal Army, 8vo with approx. 111 pp of text, with the armorial bookplate of Larkins to inside cover. The majority of the book comprises approximately 65 neat transcripts of Larkins’ original poems on a variety of subject including North American Indians, the arrival of Halley’s Comet in 1835 etc. Of particular interest are the poems he wrote while in India and of these, poem 58, entitled ‘The Pathan and Seik’ (a poem of 15 four line stanzas) describes the battle between Ranjit Singh and the Pathan leader, who was loyal to Kabul in Afghanistan. The poem describes Ranjit Singh laying siege to the Pathan, but then suing for peace. The poem ends with the Pathan leader and Ranjit Singh embracing: ‘They met and embraced –in warmth, tho’ in haste/And swore to be friends forever/But a look so sly – in old Ranjeets eye/Told the Pathan he was a deceiver!’

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