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India – Sikh history very rare account of the Sikhs (Seykes) by G.Forster 1802 in French. The book in 3 volumes - titled Voyage du Bengale ? Petersbourg. A travers les Provinces Septentrionales de l'Inde, le Kachmyr, la Perse, sur la Mer Caspienne, etc; suivi de l'Histore des Rohillahs et de celle des Seykes. Published Paris, Delance, 1802. Three Volumes 319pp, 472pp & 498pp. Forster dedicates 86 pages to the Sikhs. Most of the second Volume is dedicated to the Sikhs (Seykes). It is believed the first English edition was published in 1798. It's important to remember Forster was in the Punjab in 1783. This very early and important work covers early history of the Sikhs. Forster gives a detailed account of the Sikh Gurus from Guru Nanak Ji to Guru Gobind Singh, he states Guru Har Gobind died in 1644. Forster also describes the events of Banda Singh Bahadur and Wazir Khan in retaliation of the death of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, he also states the Guru died of wounds in 1708 inflicted by a Patan Soldier. This work also states that Guru Gobind Singh Ji was the only son of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, and Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji was executed in 1675 at Delhi by the orders of Aurangzeb. Forster cannot locate any crime which subjected Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji to capital punishment. It's important that Forster mentions that Sikhs repeated words “Wah Gooroojee ka khalsab, Gooroojee ka Futtab" possibly one of the earliest mentions of the Khalsa greeting. He describes the Sikh as courageous warriors, and a detailed account is given up until the late 18th c. A most valuable account of the Sikhs from the birth to the late 18th c Misl period.

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