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India - British Asiatic Register 1798-1800 Sikh Lahore printed in 1800 London for J Derrett, Piccadilly. The Volume appears to be 3 Volumes bound in one. 287 Pages + 328 Pages + 262 Pages. This rare and large volume covers the events in India by the British in the year 1788 -1799, however was printed in 1800. The Register refers to the Sikh as extraordinary people and mentions the report of Sir Charles Wilkins of Sikhs and their college at Patna. Discusses Guru Nanak Ji as the founder, it's quite accurate in stating the death of the Guru in 1539. Page 14 in section 3 of this Volume describes the events of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at war with Wazir Khan, as the emperor Bahadur Shah saw the growing power under Guru Gobind Singh Ji as a rebellion. It mentions the Guru was surrounded by the army however managed to evade them. The news reached then emperor Bahadhur Shah, according to the report he was disappointed the Guru had not been captured. This would be commonly known as the Battle of Chamkaur. 1799 was a crucial year for the Sikhs, as Maharajah Ranjit Singh captured Lahore and consolidated and became the Maharajah, on page 115 section 1, it reads - ' Zemun Shah retreated from Lahore on the 3rd and that the Seiks have taken possession of that city'. On page 24, section 3 (section 3 covers the life of the emperor Bahadur Shah) it also mentions Jassa Singh taking possession of Lahore in 1761 (1175 Islamic Date), extract reads 'The Seiks had killed the governor of Lahore and had raised Jassa Singh a man of their own nation to the throne and coined money in his name. They also had possessed themselves the city of Lahore, the shah marched to Lahore where he heard that an army of 200,000 Sikhs were assembled in Serhind ....the battle was fought on the 11th Rujub 1175, when the Shah's army was victorious, killing 20,000 Men. Eventually the Sikhs regrouped forming the Sikh Misls and taking Lahore in years to come. The reports in this very large volume contain a wealth of information, the complete volume consists a total of 877 pages. Also covers the late Tipu Sultan.

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