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India William Ward Missionary Sikh 1822, 3 Volumes. Ex-Library. Printed London New Edition 1822/23, volumes 312pp, + 536pp + 354pp. Clean interior, bound in dark green. The religion of Hinduism and Islam are also discussed into great detail, Sikhism in its relative infancy is also mentioned, along with sect of India. Originally published in 1811 Ward provides a short but crucial account of the Sikhs, in his book titled 'A View of the History, Literature, and Religion, of the Hindoos: Including a Minute Description of Their Manners and Customs'. Ward gives an accurate account of the Sikhs stating Guru Nanak Ji was born in 1469 at Tulwandi, and had two sons and appointed Guru Angad Dev Ji as Guru. Sir John Malcolm the author of sketch of the Sikhs is often referred to in Wards account. He also talk of the Golden Temple founded by Guru Ram Dass Ji. Ward also talks of the Akalees and their customs, he also discusses the religious perspective of Sikhism such as customs, prayers, festivals and ceremonies etc. He mentions there are many Sikh sects including the Nanuk-Shakees, Nirvanees, Ukalees and Nimrmmulus. Maharajah Ranjit Singh is briefly mentioned as the most powerful chief who can bring 100,000 soldiers to the field. Ward Finally goes on to discuss the doctrines of Guru Nanak Ji. William Ward (1769–1823) was an English pioneer Baptist Missionary, author, printer and translator. In the autumn of 1798, the Baptist mission committee visited Ewood, and Ward offered himself as a missionary, influenced perhaps by a remark made to him in 1793 by William Carey concerning the need for a printer in the Indian mission field. On arriving at Calcutta, the author was a Baptist missionary in India for many years, dying of cholera at Serampore in 1823. An early work on the Sikhs from the perspective of a Christian Missionary from England.

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