Lot 521Ireland - Poetical Handbill Song from the Backwoods...

Auction Date: 26/11/2014 at 01pm



Ireland - Poetical Handbill Song from the Backwoods. Poetical handbill printed on rather flimsy paper approx 28x11cm lower right hand corner torn away not affecting text. A song of six stanzas with nine lines each. Imperfectly printed and with some words incorrectly spelled. No date but possibly mid-19th c. This is possible a very early printed of a new famous patriotic Irish song composed by Timothy Daniel Sullivan which first appeared in print in 1865. The opening stanza declares the statement of the Irish emigrees who have come to Canada – doubtless following the potato famine. However, this curiously has the profile of a black man to the head in a somewhat crudely executed woodcut engraving, rather than anything which immediately suggests an Irish connection.

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