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WWII – Occupation of the Channel Isles edition of the Evening Press for Guernsey dated July 1st 1940 with front page devoted to the Orders of the Commandant of the German Forces in Occupation. A chilling reminder that the Channel Isles were occupied by the Nazis during WWII – and in fact were the last European territory to be liberated in 1945. The Germans imposed an immediate curfew, and warned that the main town would be bombed if anyone caused serious trouble. They also ordered immediate surrender of weapons and ammunition, immediate arrest of any British servicemen and impounded all vessels. This was the start of what was to become a war of attrition for the population of the islands- with all the attendant atrocities which were meted out on populations across Europe under the tyranny of the Nazis, including the rounding up of able bodied men and the deportation to the death camps of Jews.

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