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Politics – North East Lancashire Parliamentary Election 1868 important archive of official documents and records relating to the election including polling booth books, printed with ms insertions giving register number name, abode from whom promised, and remarks as to whom voted’ canvassing books, group of approx 44 letters regarding railway passes, printed instructions to agents, printed circular on behalf of the Liberal candidates, lists of persons requiring cabs, list of requirements for the polling booths etc. A most comprehensive archive showing how elections were run in the mid-19th c. A particular interest are the canvassing books as these were completed by the House Callers and include all kinds of fascinating remarks. Voting in those days was not secret. The Polling Clerk was accompanied by the local Police Officer and the voter had to state his name and be recognised and also state who he was voting for, and the Clerk would then enter the vote into the Polling Booth Book – obviously a situation which could lead to widespread corruption. It is also interesting that Railway Passes were available to anyone eligible to vote who was living or staying away from the electoral district.

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