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Remarkable account of the Kaffir massacre in South Africa 1850 manuscript account of the massacre of the military settlers in the Tyumie Valley during the Kaffir War in 1850, by J M Stevenson and dated April 23rd 1896, together with a further account of the same events ascribed to the Rev George Brown. Folio, 18 & 8 pp respectively, written in two different hands, but it is most likely that these are transcripts of original accounts by Stevenson and Brown. Stevenson published his account in a collection of recollections edited by C Cowen. However, these appear to be different versions of the accounts, originally sent in the form of letters to an enquiring Magistrate and clearly some 45 years after the event. Indeed in his account Stevenson apologises that the printed version of his account in the Cowen volume was not to hand as he had sent it to a friend in Scotland. It is not clear therefore as to why these accounts have been collated but clearly they were for an official purpose. The first page of Stevenson’s account has been torn and about a third of the page is missing, but the rest of both his and the Rev Brown’s account are present and are legible throughout.

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