Lot 313Secret correspondence during the ‘Phoney War’ WWII –...

Auction Date: 26/11/2014 at 01pm



Secret correspondence during the ‘Phoney War’ WWII – file of correspondence from a French businessman, Jean Billardon to Alfred Boucher, President of the French Chamber of Commerce in London but also an active member of the Free French, attached to General de Gaulle staff in London, under Rene Pleven and Maurice Schumann. Billardon lived at Dijon and met Boucher in December 1939. From then on, he managed to send these letters routed via Switzerland to Boucher reporting on troop movements in the area, general morale of the people etc to provide London with an ongoing flow of information following the German invasion. The letters also include requests for certain coded messages to be broadcast by the BBC and there is correspondence between Boucher and the European Intelligence Unit at the BBC referring to Billardon under his code name of ‘Jean de Dijon’. The correspondence continues until 1942.

Hammer Price: £360.00

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