Lot 67Hitler Youth WWII – archive relating to the...

Auction Date: 26/11/2014 at 01pm



Hitler Youth WWII – archive relating to the career in the Hitler Youth of Helmut Nieboy including three volumes of his diaries with numerous tipped in original photos, manuscript maps and text recording his activities in the movement; a book with the minutes and reports of the meetings of his group including the recording of songs, political discussions, planning of excursions, with criticism of boys who didn’t follow the Nazi rules (and were therefore expelled); diplomas issued to him for his prowess in sports events; an account of his attendance at one of the Nuremberg Rallies and various loose photographs. Also in the archive are his tent, his knife as issued with the Nazi insignias, and his trumpet. The trumpet is considered to be particularly rare. A most important insight into the activities of the Hitler Youth, launched by the Nazis as an Ayrian alternative to the Boy Scout Movement, but also used throughout the 1930s as a vital training operation for future members of the German Armed Forces.

Hammer Price: £2000.00

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