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Historic Newspapers an important archive of approximately 26 editions of British satirical newspapers from the 19th c, all in good condition. A fine archive including many rare titles. Included are editions of The Poor Man’s Guardian (two editions 1831 & 1835) – this was the first ‘illegal newspaper’ deliberately published without a revenue stamp in protest of the ‘Tax on Knowledge’ – ie the revenue tax on newspapers, which had been in force since 1797. The publication bore its own ‘revenue stamp’ bearing the legend ‘Knowledge is Power’. The publication led to a court case which eventually led to the removal of taxation from political newspapers. Also in the archive are editions of : The True Briton (1852) (bearing the ownership signature of Lady Caroline Cavendish), four editions of Paul Pry (the Inquisitive, Quizzical, Satirical and Whimsical Epitome of Life as it is) (1839 and later), The Struggle (an anti corn laws weekly which ran from 1842-46, 2 editions), The Champion (1818), The Star (1840), The Halfpenny Magazine (1857), The Reformers’ Gazette (1832), The Portfolio (no date), The Black Dwarf – two editions (1822), The Freethinker (1883), Asmodeus in London (1832), The Tomahawk – two editions (1869), Figaro in London (1832), Figaro in Chesterfield (1835), The Dart – the Midland Figaro (two editions with additional supplement) 1889, The Figaro (two editions, 1882 & 1894). The Archive also contains an edition of the New Leader, the Socialist Weekly of the Independent Labour Party dating from 1943

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