Lot 14Coal – 1661 – banking interest fine indenture...

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Coal – 1661 – banking interest fine indenture on vellum dated 1661 being a deed for a farm for duties on sea coal for 31 years. One of the parties to the document is John Viscount Mordaunt who’s involvement with the bank and the Royalist group known as the ‘Great Trust’ in 1659, one of the foundations of English deposit banking. The deed is signed by Mordaunt and also by Sir Thomas Peyton, who has borrowed money on the security of the coal farm. Documents relating to coal from this early period are uncommon, together with an indenture on a single leaf of vellum dated 1677 being an assignment of customs dues from Robert Viscount Yarmouth to Thomas Browne and Thomas Leman. An interesting document showing the development of banking in England during the early years of the Restoration. Browne was a former apprentice in the Clayton/Morris bank. By this time he was in business on his own but still writing out conveyances for his former employers. Leman was superintending the clerks in the bank. Document has an area of staining. One pendant seal.

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