Lot 900Interesting Collection of Defunct and Miscellaneous Rugby League...

Auction Date: 10/12/2014 at 10:30 am



Interesting Collection of Defunct and Miscellaneous Rugby League Club Enamel Pin Badges c.1960s Onwards to incl teams such as Bramley, Belle Vue, Blackpool, Bridgend Blue Dragons, Broughton Rangers (replica), Cardiff City, Huyton, Kent Invicta, Liverpool Stanley (replica), Liverpool City, Mansfield Marksmen, Newcastle Tynesiders, Nottingham City, Nottingham City Outlaws, Runcorn-Highfield, Scarborough Pirates, Southend Invicta, Springfield Borough, St Helens Recreation, Centenary of Northern Union, Trafford Borough, York t/w various Rugby League badges, Rugby League Cup Day in London, XIII Heroes, Euro XIII Barcelona 1993, British Police, Cumbria League, Gatorade World Nines, Huddersfield Referees Society, Lancashire rugby League, Silk Cut Challenge, Sky Sports, John Smiths, Stones Bitter, Tetley’s and others some duplication overall G condition 80+

Hammer Price: £110.00

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