Lot 254Books: History of the World Cup 1973 s/back...

Auction Date: 10/12/2014 at 10:30 am



Books: History of the World Cup 1973 s/back, Pele-My Life and the Beautiful Game 1978 s/back, When Pele broke our hearts (Wales 1958 World Cup), 1998 s/back, World Cup 1958 (Glanville) (no d/j), Brazil Book of Football 1964, 1958 World Cup (Camkin) also 1970 Estrellas del Deporte magazine-Didi the Maestro, El Grafico 1963-Boca Juniors v Santos, El Grafico 1959-Pele and Didi plus song sheets/community sheets-Opening of Port Vale new stadium 24 August 1950, Wales v Scotland 1956 plus 3 others. Condition varies. (A Lot)

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