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Don Bradman signed cricket related letter dated 1992 – a great letter on official letter headed paper, typed, dated and signed in ink by Don Bradman in reply Newspaper Company for an interview which was declined and typical by a man who always set high standards throughout his career. The letter reads as follows – “Despite your impressive plea the answer must be no. I retired from cricket 43 years ago and yet almost daily requested to make myself available for some form of media presentation. Justifiably, I think, I’m now entitled to lead the life of an ordinary citizen without these inroads into my private life. On March 1, I tried to spend a quiet and peaceful day at the Adelaide Oval watching the Australian vs Pakistan match but Everton Weekes was there and apparently requested that he be photographed with me for this personal collection. Not wishing to be un-co-operative I agreed, on the condition that it was taken in the privacy of the SA Cricket Association lounge. The next day that photo was splashed across the front page of the Advertiser, much to my annoyance. Is it any wonder that after 60 years of this incessant publicity I insist on being left alone and allowed to lead my own private life in my own way. Being a newspaperman you may find my attitude is disappointing to your profession, but, when you are 83, you’ll have more sympathy with my viewpoint. Yours faithfully Don Bradman. In near mint condition with letter folds otherwise (VG)

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