Lot 32Tommy Farr British heavyweight boxing champion signed photograph...

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Tommy Farr British heavyweight boxing champion signed photograph together with various other original real photograph trade cards, publicity cards, et al – again one of the all time British Greats who lost to Heavyweight word champion Joe Louis in a controversial 15 round match in USA - defeated Max Baer and other notable Champion fighters of the day (7). Note Tommy Farr became British and Empire heavyweight champion on 15 March 1937. He challenged for the world title against Joe Louis in the same year and gave Louis one of the toughest fights of his career, hurting him numerous times and lasting the full 15 rounds on his way to a wide unanimous decision loss, which was booed by spectators. This was the 1st time that Joe Louis failed to knock out one of his challengers having knocked out all his previous 9 challengers as well all 7 challengers following on after his fight against Tommy Farr.

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