Lot 777Collection of miscellaneous golfing cigarette cards to include...

Auction Date: 28/01/2015 at 10:30 am



Collection of miscellaneous golfing cigarette cards to include 1923 “Golf Strokes by Arthur G Havers” cards 23/25 issued by B Morris & Sons cigarettes, 8x WA and AC Churchman “Famous Golfers” real photographs to include Compston, Duncan, Ben Sayers, Ted Ray, Jock Hutchison and Freddie Tait et al, 13x J Millhoff & Co “Famous Golfers” real photographs cards to incl Abe Mitchell, Cyril Tolley, Alex Herd, C Whitcombe, Walter Hagan, Jesse Sweetser, Ted Ray, Henry Cotton plus 5 lady golfers, generally overall (G), 8x WD and HO Wills “Famous Golfers” 1930 to include James Braid, Ted Ray, Harry Vardon et al overall (F/G) and 8x John Player & Sons “Golf” 1938 of leading players demonstrating various golf shots - overall (F/G) (60)

Hammer Price: £30.00

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