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Bailey’s Magazine c1910 - “Sports and Pastimes” to include 5 editions complete with the original pictorial wrappers including 2x original Spalding Golf Ball Advertisements to the back covers featuring bramble and dimple golf balls – each edition covering a variety of sports incl golf, curling, cricket, The Boat Race, hunting, shooting, sailing, fishing et al - issues include January see p. 27-39 “Advance of Golf in Ireland”, April “The Boat Race” and also “Cricket in South Africa” et al, May see p.“St Andrews Links” with reference to the infamous “Rabbit Population”, July see page 53 “A New Inland Golf Course” with 2x photograph illustrations from the match between J H Taylor and Harry Vardon against James Braid and Arnaud Massey playing an exhibition match at Bishops Stortford and November see page 369-375 “Some Golf Problems” interesting article covering the entries to “The Amateur Championship” and The Open Championship together with an interesting list of all the leading clubs listing both Scratch or Plus players - which makes for very interesting reading. (F/G)

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