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India The Punjab Muslim League printed document on a single leaf of parchment, undated but between 1905 and 1910, being a loyal address to Lord Minto as Viceroy and Governor General of India on his first visit to the Punjab by the Punjab Muslim League - signed to base by all members of the League. Approx 36 x 74cm , an important and attractive document, which has been highlighted in gold, in good clean condition. The address expresses the loyalty of the League to the British Empire, but also deals with the question of Islamic militancy towards the British: '...the Punjab Mohammedans view with entire satisfaction the strong steps ...recently taken by Your Excellency's Government for stamping out sedition and anarchy and they will always be prepared to support, loyally and unreservedly the authorities in their endeavours to cut at the roots of disaffection and to uphold the cause of law and order...' The signatories to this document include: Fatih Ali Khan Kazelhash, Muhammad Shafi, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Majid Khan, S M Iqbal, Zulfaqir Ali Khan, and many others.

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