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Political Margaret Thatcher Trade Union original speech 1976 'Speech By The RT Hon Mrs Margaret Thatcher, MP at The Tunac Annual Conference, Manchester' dated 28th February 1976, scarcely available on the market, typed on fine paper, content page titled Structure; Co-operation, not conflict, Introduction - Myth, Conservative attitude to Trade Unions, Trade Unions need a Free Society to flourish, But not to exclusion of Individual Freedom, Democracy in Unions, No Major Legislation, Numbers of Trade Unions, Participation, No difficulty in working together, but Parliament supreme and Be Conservative - win through, approx. 43pp, in very good condition, with holes punched continuously to the top left corner, a real collector's piece, t/w typed Extract of a speech by Lord Thorneycroft, Chairman of the Conservative Party speaking at the Trade Unionist's conference 28th February 1976 (2)

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