Lot 208Space Selection of 1960s US Geological Survey Maps...

Auction Date: 13/08/2015 at 01:30 pm



Space Selection of 1960s US Geological Survey Maps of the Moon consisting of 1962 Kepler Region R J Hackman, 1963 Letronne Region C.H Marshall, 1965 Aristarchus region H.J Moore, 1966 Pitatus Region N J Trask and S R Titley and 1967 Hevelius Region J F McCauley, 1967 Copernicus Quadrangle H H Schmitt, N J Trask and E M Shoemaker, 1967 Seleucus Quadrangle H J Moore and 1968 Theophilus Quadrangle Daniel Milton, all house in original US GS wallets all measuring 42in x 32in (8)

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