Lot 151Scarce Early Commonwealth Weekly Newspaper 1649 entitled 'Perfect...

Auction Date: 13/08/2015 at 01:30 pm



Scarce Early Commonwealth Weekly Newspaper 1649 entitled 'Perfect Occurances of Every Daies Journal In Parliament' dated 13th to 20th April 1649, Subtitled "Proceedings of the Councell of States: And other Moderate Intelligence" With 16 pages full of information that all is well happy and peaceful in England under Parliamentary Rule (Newspapers lied even then, All the Pubs Theatres were closed etc). Oliver Cromwell was in Newcastle. Gold is not to be shipped overseas, in case it support exile Royalists. No one is to leave England without permission of the Parliament. There is news from Ireland regarding the siege of Londonderry, size 15 x 21cm

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