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WWII Large SS ledger the title to front cover 'Auptamt SS Bericht Amstelle Rechnungs-Kontr.' [Main Office Official Report Book - Accounting Control]. The ledger measures 44 x 35cm and contains approx 460pp, some have been torn out (obviously deliberately to remove the evidence) and some pages have slight water staining but otherwise the volume is legible throughout. Original boards are worn. It is not clear which SS operation this related to but an early entry mentions a garage business in Berlin so it is logical to assume that this related to the German capital. Each page is arranged in columns with entry numbers and then sections dealing with 'Department or Company' 'Purpose of the Cash' 'Amount' 'Paid by [ie authorisations] and the Document the transaction relates to. Each section is arranged alphabetically and the ledger provides considerable transaction on many hundreds of transactions involving supplier's individuals and Nazi department. An intriguing aspect of the ledger is the number of pages which have clearly been deliberately removed at some time in the past- notably entries beginning with the initial letter 'E'. Of those names that remain there are many individuals and companies and some with dark and sinister connections

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