Lot 81WWII Selection of Adolf Hitler related books including...

Auction Date: 13/08/2015 at 01:30 pm



WWII Selection of Adolf Hitler related books including 'Wie die Ostmark ihre Befreiung erlebte', a photocard album showing the birthplace, life of Adolf Hitler, political activism, confrontation with the State, assuming full political power, the SA leadership and social/culture/military accomplishments through 1938 and the success of the Munich missing card 45, others all intact, 'Hitler Wie Ihn Keiner Kennt' a rebound edition of the Hoffmann pictorial on Adolf Hitler as a national leader. One hundred views of Hitler as a WWI soldier, SA leader passionate nationalist and political leader, a selection of 'Obersalzberg Kehlstein' photocards including 18 cards relating to Hitler, all in good condition and in original card wallet

Hammer Price: £140.00

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