Lot 47Victor Prince Napoleon 4th Prince of Montfort signed...

Auction Date: 13/08/2015 at 01:30 pm



Victor Prince Napoleon 4th Prince of Montfort signed hand written letters on 'Villa de Prangins' letterhead dated 18th November are in relation to a statement being issued from Baring Brothers bankers, another dated 01st May 1890 relating to selling one hundred bonds during the next stock exchange and the final letter relating to money that was going to be transferred, signed to the bottom Napoleon Count of Moncalieri. In 1859 Villa de Prangins was bought by Prince Jerome Napoleon, 1st cousin of Emperor Napoleon III. After the fall of Napoleon III, Prince Jerome could no longer afford to keep the whole estate selling a part to his good friend Charles Lucas of London (3) Note: These documents are believed to have been in the possession of a merchants clerk of Baring Bros Bankers

Hammer Price: £50.00

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