Lot 716ACCESSORIES: Collection of lures incl. a 2.5" Fosters...

Auction Date: 25/07/2015 at 10:30 am



ACCESSORIES: Collection of lures incl. a 2.5" Fosters Kill Devon lure stamped "Patent", a slotted spiral Devon 1.5" long in nickel, an early bullet shaped Devon 2.25" long, only one fin, stamped "T Byne", a 2" nickel slotted Devon, fins stamped "RK", 4 x other slotted Devons up to 4" long, various crocodile and natural spinner mounts, a vintage pneumatic alloy/red rubber large diameter button, a/f, Hardy angler's thermometer, Hardy Angler's combination priest, gaff head, all in alloy box and a black japanned lure tin 7"x4" containing mixed quantity of deadbait leaded spinner mounts.

Hammer Price: £50.00

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