Lot 445REELS: (15) Grice & Young Gypsy D'Or 4.5"...

Auction Date: 25/07/2015 at 10:30 am



REELS: (15) Grice & Young Gypsy D'Or 4.5" alloy trotting reel, on/off check, line guide, gold finish, pair of Allcock 3.5" pressed Centrepin reels, an Eaton Sun pressed alloy Centrepin reel and a 5" sea Centrepin, bronze finish, Hardy Viscount 130 alloy trout fly reel, U shaped line guide, foot filed, Young's Beaudex 4" wide salmon reel, backplate check adjuster, Pridex 3.25", re painted silver, 3 x Penn Bakelite sea reels, models 77 and 2 x 78, plus others and a set of weigh scales up to 50lbs.

Hammer Price: £60.00

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