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Rare Manchester Golf Club (est. in 1818) - golf course wooden "rules" measure with cord attached which the members of Manchester Golf Club (founded 1818) used when playing on Kersal Moor in the very earliest days of the Club - this probably a later example of the original tool used. The mahogany tool measures 6" x 2" with Manchester Golf Club paper label laid down stating the rules as follows - "Balls may be removed if within six inches of each other Balls must be tee'd within four club lengths of the hole. The Putting Green extends six club lengths from the hole. The first knot on the cord represents four club lengths. The extreme length of the cord represents six club lengths - one corner of the label is missing, some creases otherwise complete. An interesting and early golfing artefact. Note In the Club's 1821 Booklet, under the section entitled 'Rules of the Game', it states: Rule 1 - "You must tee your ball not nearer the hole than two club lengths, nor further from it than four...." Rule 5 - "When the ball lies within six inches of one another, the ball nearest the hole to be lifted....." Rule 9 - "At holing................but all loose impediments may be removed within six club lengths of the hole"

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