Lot 26Fine composed full set of 12x golf clubs...

Auction Date: 14/07/2015 at 10:30 am



Fine composed full set of 12x golf clubs c/w fine leather golf bag and head covers - all fitted with stainless steel heads to incl 4x Geo Nicoll irons incl 3,4, a mashie and spade mashie, Geo Nicoll "Indicator" round back jigger, Winton mashie James Braid Walton Heath niblick, James Donaldson mashie niblick and Bertex wry neck putter - together with 3x large headed woods to incl Laurie Auchterlonie Handmade driver, R Simpson Paragon brassie, MacGregor alloy plated spoon - all with clear makers marks to the shaft and deluxe leather head covers - c/w a fine stunning period all leather golf bag. Quite stunning.

Guide Price: £500.00 - £650.00

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