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1904 The Russian Baltic Fleet Blunder on the Dogger Bank Memorandum Card with illustration of a Hull Steam Trawler and words; “To the Memory of The Hull Fishermen George H. Smith and Wm. Leggott, who lost their lives through the Russian Baltic Fleet Blunder, on the Dogger Bank, on October 21st 1904” On reverse Ivy with legend. Printed in black and silver on folding card, size 23.5 x 8cm Note: The Russian Fleet somehow thought that fishing boats on the Dogger Bank were Japanese Torpedo boats, how they with a range of 600 miles got to the Dogger Bank over 14,000 miles away was never explained by the Russians. The popular press of the day wanted the Royal Navy to go out and sink this hazard to World navigation, but the Japanese did the job for them at the Battle of Tsushima Straits on 27–28 May 1905

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