Lot 347aREEL: Interesting J MacGowan all brass salmon fly...

Auction Date: 14/03/2015 at 10am



REEL: Interesting J MacGowan all brass salmon fly reel, 4 Brunton St, Berkeley Square London address to face plate, extended white handle, smooth check, filed flat brass foot, face also engraved Lord Berkeley Paget, brass pillars and lock nuts. Historical note, Lord Berkeley Paget 1844-1913 presented a .450 Cal self-extracting revolver by Galand &Sommerville to General Custer in 1869 as a memento to a successful hunting exhibition, and a pair of Webley RIC Model revolvers in the same year, thought to be the same guns used at Custer’s demise in the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Guide Price: £75.00 - £125.00

The auction took place on 14/03/2015. We will update the website with the latest price list shortly. Please come back later.

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