Lot 440CASED FISH: Superb preserved Pike by Cooper of...

Auction Date: 8/11/2014 at 10am



CASED FISH: Superb preserved Pike by Cooper of Radnor Street London in bow front glazed gilt lined case measuring 47” x18” x9”, green back drop, fully reeded over gravel base, superbly painted pike in fresh colour, no fading, two rows of gilt lettering “Pike 15lbs 11 oz.&nbsp Caught at Ellesmere by David W Pugh 20 Aug 1936”. Cooper, Radnor Street trade label is mounted on the backboard, case original and unopened, no damage or repaints, with the cased fish are two framed documents....firstly a letter from John Cooper, Radnor Street dated 25 Aug 1936 acknowledging receipt of the pike and quoting gold lettering at 2d per letter. The second and invoice from Coopers dated 19 Nov 1936 showing “Preserving and Mounting &pound5.16s.0d Gold Lettering 10s.6d. Packing and Case 4s.6d. Total &pound6.11s.0d”. The original rod and reel used in the capture of the fish are also included, being an Allcock Stanley threadline reel and three piece decorative bamboo pike rod with brass ferrules and ceramic guides. Vendor notes re the collection I purchased it directly from the widow of the person who caught the fish in 1935: What is exceptional about the item is the condition. Shortly after Mr Pugh had the fish mounted he got married. His wife did not like the fish and it had been stored in their attic from when married until I purchased it in 1985. It is in perfect condition”.&nbsp&nbsp

Hammer Price: £2400.00

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