Lot 397FLY ACCESSORIES: Comprehensive Victorian fly tying kit in...

Auction Date: 8/11/2014 at 10am



FLY ACCESSORIES: Comprehensive Victorian fly tying kit in black japanned chest by Hepburn & Cocks, Lincolns-Inn-Fields, London, 15”x11”x8”, lift out compartment tray containing large selection of vintage fly tying feathers, many in envelopes wraps incl. Bustard, Bittern, Heron, Gallina, Barred Sumer Duck, Egyptian goose, Mallard, Turkey, pheasant etc., plus smaller loose feathers in envelopes marked Jungle Cock, Dogs Body, Teal, Golden Pheasant, Golden Gleam, many other boxes and envelopes of similar vintage materials, assorted silks on card wraps, pair of adjustable fly tying vices, fine mixed lot.

Hammer Price: £180.00

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