Lot 205EPHEMERA: A number of items relating to the...

Auction Date: 8/11/2014 at 10am



EPHEMERA: A number of items relating to the notorious “Inky Boy” fly tying saga, a New York Fisheries Commission, envelope addressed to Kelson at the Office of Land & Water, 182 Strand, London containing a memo from Land & Water noting “herewith I learn 3 little dickies and trust you may be able to make some use of them for flies”, an envelope marked” General Beresford horsehair, too small”, a folded card containing a tail with topping feather and a body hackle, penned “Collerette de Magnifique died by Jacquete , Paris to imitate Querula” (Purple throated fruit crow) relating to the Inky Boy fly, a further feather sample and handwritten to exterior of paper “Real Querula hackles” and a folded paper marked “Best imitation of the Querula”.

Hammer Price: £75.00

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