Lot 120REEL: Rare Allcock Roller Back Aerial alloy reel...

Auction Date: 8/11/2014 at 10am



REEL: Rare Allcock Roller Back Aerial alloy reel, 4” diameter, 6 spoke with tension regulator, twin crazed handles, 8 ventilations to alloy front plate, ebonite back flange, .8” between plates, correct smooth brass foot stamped “7”, 4 original brass rollers set in alloy backplate, internal stamp 26402, knurled nickel large on/off check knob, bronze calliper and steel pawl, unusually the backplate script engraved “The Allcock Aerial” and Allcock address with regd. Numbers, runs true with no visible damage, rare narrow drum example.

Guide Price: £3000.00 - £4000.00

(Not sold)

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