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India Armies of India Sikh Military Lithograph 1911. A fine book titled, Armies of India published 1911 covering insights into the entire scope and functioning of the Indian Army. Including different regiments such as the 15 Ludhiana Sikhs, 19th Punjabis, 35th Sikhs, 22nd Punjabis, 24th Punjabis, 26th Punjabis, the famous 45th Rattray's Sikhs and many more. With a total of 72 illustrations and in depth account of the different types of Indian armies. A large number of portraits of Sikh soldiers, infantry and regiments and a fine engraving of Gardner's horse 1850, showing a Sikh soldier on horseback. &nbspA principal book meant for any collector of Sikh military history. 223 Pages.

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